Not Just Mobile Broadband!

Not Just Mobile Broadband!

We arrived at a property earlier this week where the owner requested an Internet speed upgrade. The BT connection speed was so slow that we could not even run a speed test.

The customer has a family with five TVs in dedicated spaces and bedrooms. Before our arrival, none of the TV’s could use NetFlix, Amazon Prime or download contact from Sky. Within a couple of hours, we installed a new router and achieved the speeds you see in the video.

The owner was also frustrated by the fact that out of five Sky receivers only one functioned. Similarly, out of the five TVs only one had Sky viewing, some had FreeView and some did not function at all.

Looking at the equipment space, we were not surprised. In one day we restored full functionality on all Sky receivers and TVs. This was achieved by a combination of clearing up the mess of the previous installers, adding some localised cabling, correctly terminating existing cabling and adding a small amount of new hardware.

Negotiations are ongoing about a complete system overhaul and maintenance agreement.

Equipment Rack - Before and after
Equipment Rack - Before and after

If you need faster Internet access and/or this photo resembles your property then call us on 0203 519 8590 so we can work with you to restore happiness in your AV world!

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