High Speed Internet Fiber Alternative

High Speed Mobile Internet Alternative to Broadband

By now you have spent a few weeks working from home and your Internet connection has proven itself to be unreliable and slow. On top of that, everyone in your household is using your Internet connection more than ever before and the frustration is driving you insane! Your current Internet provider failed to deliver and their waiting list is booked up months in advance. If that sounds familiar then read on ...

We are working hard behind the scenes to provide home- and business users with fast broadband where main providers have failed. This service is proving to be very popular with current and new customers alike. Please feel free to call us anytime if this resonates with you (or your neighbours, of course!).

We use the latest in 4GLTE and 5G equipment, combined with techniques built on many years’ experience to achieve some pretty impressive download speeds.

'Go Faster Broadband' for home and business.

Typical download speeds achieved by our installations vary from 25 Mbps to 92 Mbps.

Our router swaps with your current router and we will configure any port-forwarding and DynDNS you currently have (if required).

We do not need to enter your home or office for your free assessments. External access to your property at an agreed date and time is all we require. As you’d expect, social distancing will apply.

This service is currently available in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex. More counties to follow very soon based on demand.

To test your current broadband speed now, use the free speed test tool at https://www.speedtest.net/

A recent 4G LTE aerial installation in rural Kent.

4G Dish
A recent 4G aerial installation in rural Kent.

And please remember, we are an Audio Visual company offering many other technical services. Please see our AV services for your office and home.

Please stay safe and work from home if you can.

Questions and Answers

That depends on the signal strength at your location. We use different aerials to achieve results based on your local conditions. We provide a no-obligation assessment, completely free of charge.

It's worth a mention that since we use mobile technology, you will no longer require a landline for Internet access. Many of our customers cancel their landline contracts after activation of our service, which in itself represents a significant saving in the longer term.

We also accept all major credit cards, so you can spread the costs.

At the time of writing this statement, EE provides an 'unlimited' data SIM card for £28 per month. Our equipment - after installation - will work with most mobile data providers in the UK. We will provide you with a pre-paid data SIM card with enough data to get you started. We then arrange for EE to convert the SIM into the contract of your choice. There are many other providers for you to choose from, but we highly recommend EE and this is the provider with which all our systems are tested and rated.

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